Book a Show

Flamenco dancer Ginette and guitarist Miguelito
Flamenco dancer Ginette and guitarist Miguelito. Photo by Nimo Thande
Do you want a flamenco show for your upcoming special event? I can arrange anything from:

  • solo flamenco guitar performance
  • Gipsy Kings-style rumba with two guitarists
  • flamenco duo with one guitarist and one dancer
  • flamenco trio with one guitarist and two dancers
  • flamenco trio with one guitarist, one singer and one dancer
  • dance company plus musicians
  • lecture/demonstrations

These are just a few suggestions More options and combinations are available depending on what you have in mind.

I’m a full-time flamenco guitarist with more than 20 years of experience performing in the Washington DC area so I know just about all the local professional dancers, guitarists and singers so I can put together whatever kind of show you desire. Plus I have a professional quality sound system and stage lights.

Just fill out this form and I’ll get back to you with a quote. (Or if you’re looking for a specific artist, chances are they’re listed on my teacher directory.)

Be sure to include:
1. Date and time of event
2. City and state of event
3. Type of show (solo guitar, flamenco dance show etc)
4. Duration of performance