A flamenco guitarist’s Wednesday night in. August 23, 2007

The “work” area in my beautiful comfortable apartment. August 23, 2007 12:47am

It’s 1:34am on Thursday as I type these words. Actually I got home sometime around 7:00pm after spending the afternoon rehearsing with a dancer and getting a late lunch/early dinner afterwards–I had a small sirloin steak and crabcake, yum! Sorry no food pics.

Anywayz, since I got full eight hours of sleep the night before, I was able to stay more mentally focused during the rehearsal so we got a lot done, yay! Plus I was especially inspired. You know how it is with inspiration: it comes and goes without warning. So when it does come, you gotta take advantage of it while it lasts.

So I decided to spend this particular Wednesday night in practicing my guitar…

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Monday night at Ozio. August 20, 2007

Cesar Oretea at Ozio. August 20, 2007 11:18pm

It’s 8:46am on Tuesday and I’m actually up at this early hour. Truth is that I didn’t go to bed last night cuz my body clock is back to “vampire” time. Thankfully I don’t have any morning appointments requiring me to be fully awake and mentally alert. laughing.gif So I’m just going with it and making myself productive here and recounting last night’s events to help you pass the time in your cubicle at work today. Hehe

Got home via taxi sometime after 2:00am. In case you’re curious, the fare was $11.45 and I’m estimating the trip was a little more than 5 minutes from the Dupont Circle neighborhood–I’m loving living here in Rosslyn cuz it’s so close to Georgetown, Dupont Circle and more! Anywayz, overall it was a typically fun Monday night–nothing over the top but just entertaining enough to make me glad I stayed out late instead of going straight home. Started off with my usual flamenco gig at Cafe Citron. Performing with me were singer/guitarist Gerard Moreno and dancer Mariya. Also joining us were Jason Vera y Aragón on cajón and saxophonist Montreaux (not sure about the spelling).

The saxophone was a spontaneous addition to our group for the rumba. Gerard ran through the song with Montreaux for a few minutes in the rehearsal space downstairs. We had no idea how it would turn out but that’s the way it is in flamenco. So we just relaxed and went with the flow. It was refreshing to hear a different instrument in our show and I think that the next time it will just get better and better as Montreaux gets the feel of rumba in general and Gerard’s compositional style.

Although the party vibe seemed to picking up as I packed up my sound system, Jason and I decided to head over to Ozio to enjoy the music of Duende Camarón…

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Keeping up a flamenco community website is a lonely job.

Claudia dancing Sevillanas at Tapeo. August 18, 2007 7:47pm (photo by Milvia)

It’s around 4:00am on Saturday as I type these words. I got home a while ago–obviously I decided not to go out despite the gorgeous summer evening weather. Just not in the mood plus the thing is that I have a couple of important meetings on Sunday and I need to get a decent night’s rest for change–and ironically, here I am blogging in the middle of the night. tongue.gif

I’m just going to publish a few pics from my gig at Tapeo from Saturday night, but I’m going to talk about what’s on my mind.

One of my guitar students just got back in town after studying flamenco intensively in Spain for part of the summer. And he was so excited about getting back into his weekly lessons with me on Sundays at noon. I’m pretty excited too because his enthusiasm and dedication reminds me of myself when I first got into flamenco many years ago. So I need to make sure I’m well-rested and mentally alert so I can give him my best. Then afterwards I have tentative plans to meet up with a very cool close friend of mine who I met just a couple of months ago who unfortunately for me will be moving away from the Washington DC area (if not for good, at least for a while).

Last week I thought I was getting back into my usual blogging groove and in fact I did write several consecutive entries. Then I fell back into a rut and let a whole week go by with no writing whatsoever. It’s not like I really have to do this blog thing. By the same token, I guess I don’t really have to do this whole flamenco website thing either. Trust me, I will continue to publish this blog and website as I have for the past 11 years. I just gotta work some problems out.

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Grupo Zhandalo’s debut at Frascati

August 12, 2007 1:34am

It’s 12:12pm on Sunday as I type these words. Went to bed around 6:00am cuz my friend and I ended up crashing a party after Frascati. Got up around 11:00am today (Sunday) with just enough time to crank out a quick blog and meet up with a friend to catch a movie, so I’ll keep the commentary brief.

Last night (Saturday) after finishing up our gig at Tapeo (which went especially well thanks to an especially inspired Ginette and Claudia and also to Mother Nature for giving us an unbelievably gorgeous summer night), I rode up with Ginette to checkout the debut by the group Zhandalo at Frascati in Bethesda. The show was already well under way when we arrived sometime a little after 11:00pm. The restaurant was packed and the audience was very lively as singer/percussionists Esteban Falcón and Alexis Fleites and guitarists Tito Dorante and Armin Gajardo performed everything from rumbas to tangos and Sevillanas.

Anywayz, I’m already late as it is, so I’ll just leave it to you my readers to add your own commentary. Enjoy the pics…

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Peruvian night at Cabanas

Ginette and Emily Mazzotti at Cabanas. August 10, 2007 10:37pm (photo by Karen Rodas)

It’s 1:50am on Saturday as I type these words. It was “Peruvian Night” here at Cabanas in the sense that both of this particular evening’s dancers, Ginette and Emily Mazzotti are both from that country. Also it just happened that I also played my cajón, a musical instrument that originated in Perú. Anywayz, I had just enough energy to edit and upload these photos and type this one paragraph. Time for me to catch up on sleep. Enjoy the pics!

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